Jane Shoenfeld

Artist's Statement

My large studio work and my plein-air paintings are abstractions derived from many years of careful observation of nature. My images emerge–as I merge –with plant life as it swirls in the wind, with water as it drifts and churns, with light that scatters, with deep pockets of darkness on a sunny day.
My studio paintings are often created in response to poetry that evokes our endangered earth. I work with an extended horizontal format and sug-gest a non-linear abstract space, that evokes the periphery of vision. There is no vanishing point. This is a place where imagination is stimulated.
My plein air paintings are a response to light and energy in nature. Whether I’m experiencing southwestern mesas or tropical foliage. I’m looking at more than what the camera“sees.” I respond equally to the “peripheral” and to the powerful. I paint to reveal the energy beneath the surface.