Ralph Beery Greene

Artist's Statement

“My artistic language is a result of my reactions to the myriad of times and places I have experienced. Every object, every location I discover, triggers a story in my mind. And, I become a part of that story...and it becomes a part of my dream...which becomes evermore complex and layered. For me, painting is dreaming out loud.”

There is a fundamental driving force in life. It is all around us and in everything we see. I feed on it, I connect with it and I create with it...to the point of exhaustion. This force, this energy, is its own form of meditation. For me it is personal, it allows me to be rebellious, to be sensual. It enables me to tell my stories through the looking glass of my life. As an artist I reflect what I see and feel during my life journey...as the viewer I invite you to join me.”